Vocational Programme

Our programme includes:

  • Pre-vocational interest assessments

  • Development of individualized vocational plans

  • Work readiness skills training, career exploration, job search, resume writing, interview preparation,  internship and placement

  • Job coaching supported employment

  • Case management and retirement planning

Workshop assignments give clients the opportunities to learn basic housekeeping skills and employ these skills to maintain the indoor and outdoor cleanliness of the facility. The 'Sunrise Organic Chicken Adventure' generates sufficient eggs for cooking internally. Thus through the Vocational Training and Services Office, work skills training, employment support and case management services are provided to work-capable clients.

Vocational Team

The Vocational Team is passionate about every client's success in getting ready for the world of work! All clients receive bespoke Vocational Training at the Centre and teaching and learning through the various ASDAN Programmes. In addition to the clients developing their personal and work-related skills whilst being in a Centre, they have the opportunity to build their social skills by interacting with their peers and building friendships with the other clients.

Vocational clients undertake job preparation and exploration with an assigned Programme Officer who provides close client case management. Clients who are part of the Vocational Team all have the end goal of reaching employment. This is specific to our client's needs and interests. Either an internship, part-time or full-time work is found to meet their particular needs. Our goal is that all clients find meaning and purpose in their lives, and our team strives to support this through a client-centred approach to seeking, obtaining and retaining work opportunities.

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Suzzette Stewart

Vocational Programme

E: suzzette.stewart@gov.ky
P: (345) 916-3764

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Donna Wilson

Vocational Programme

E: donna.wilson@gov.ky
P: (345) 925-4342

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Claire Capper

Vocational Programme

E: claire.capper@gov.ky
P: (345) 917-1278