Silver Lining for Sunrise Centre

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Mrs. Shari Smith, Director of the Sunrise Centre, Ms Roberta Gordon and Covington.

Published 23rd December 2011, 9:16am

A smile is worth a thousand words, and the clients and staff at the Sunrise Centre have 25 years worth of smiles to share. On Tuesday, 6th December 2011, the Sunrise Adult Training Centre celebrated its 25th anniversary at the Ritz Carlton, Grand Cayman.

The ceremony recalled some of the memorable achievements and special events that the centre has seen since its beginning in 1986.The occasion also recognized employees, and clients who have been training and maintaining positive developments throughout the years.

Ms Shari Smith, the new director at the Sunrise Centre stated, "I commend all the clients whose commitment to the centre is unwavering. We are a family at Sunrise, and when you start at 18 there is no end to the development."

Ms Smith continued, recognizing the commitment from the Ministry of Education and members of the community to the centre, stating, "We are grateful for the support we receive, as every little bit counts as we continue to teach and develop these wonderful individuals."

New developments for the centre were discussed, including the development of laws to protect disabled persons, a new facility, acquiring a new bus, and the growing recognition and acceptance from the community.

Mrs. Mary Rodrigues, Chief Officer of the Ministry of Education, stated, "We are making important steps in the community for persons with disabilities; the Sunrise Centre is a beacon of hope for clients and an advocate for persons with disabilities. The centre provides programmes to support personal development, and we at the ministry are proud to be a part of each individual's success."

The evening was brought to a close as Ms Roberta Gordon (former director of the Centre for 21 years) was recognized for the many achievements and milestones the centre reached under her leadership.

When Ms Gordon took to the podium she received a standing ovation as each of her past students expressed their gratitude and appreciation for her dedication and work at the centre. Ms Gordon expressed her continued commitment to the centre and her excitement to watch it grow in the future.

Background on the Sunrise Centre

The Sunrise Adult Training Centre, located in West Bay, was established in 1986 and provides opportunities for adults with disabilities. The facility teaches life-skills and pre-vocational courses, as well as offers supervised job placement and recreational and fitness activities.

The centre has 57 participants in either full- or part-time employment.

In addition to physiotherapy, speech therapy, and motor skills development and training, the centre has recently added music therapy to its therapeutic options.

Source: Sunrise Adult Learning Centre.