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Graduates assemble with course facilitators Mrs. Shannon Seymour, Dr. Tasha Ebanks Garcia, Mr. Hylton Grace, Minister of Education, Hon. Rolston Anglin JP, Chief Officer Mrs. Mary Rodrigues, and Miss Teen contestant Lexie Anglin.

Published 19th July 2012, 1:7pm

The graduation of the 8th cohort of the Passport2Success programme, held on Thursday, 12 July at the Wharf restaurant was another proud moment for the Ministry of Education, said Minister of Education, Training and Employment the Hon. Rolston Anglin, JP.

The Minister delivered an inspiring message to the graduates, reminding them that "good things happen to those that stay the course". His main focus for the afternoon was on the importance of consistency in everything you do, not just in the work environment.

"It is important to be someone others can rely on, because this is something that organizations crave," he told the graduates. The Minister spoke highly of the programme, saying that it is successful because of its ability to "mirror the workplace" and give its participants the insight they need into the working world.

Keeping with his theme of consistency, Mr. Anglin reminded the graduates that although there are times when they are going to be "justifiably tired," it is important that they "reflect on the consequences of being inconsistent" in order to find the motivation to carry on.

"One's work is never quite over, and a business can only be as strong as you are going to make it. So be reliable, be a team player, and go above and beyond, to show that you have the commitment, to not only your job, but the entire organisation you work for," he added.

One graduate, Harris Egbert, made a speech describing his initial apprehension at orientation. "I could have walked away but I didn't, because I knew what I needed to do in order to be successful in life." At first, Harris had doubtful thoughts, believing that he "didn't belong there" and that he "just wanted to go home."

However, he soon found that it was exactly where he belonged. He explained that he made it through until the end because, "he had good people at Passport2Success to motivate and encourage [him]."

Harris is also a client of the Sunrise Adult Training Centre and the second client to graduate from the Passport2Success programme.

Lexie Anglin, a member of this year's Cayman Islands Miss Teen pageant, was also in attendance, showing her support for the programme. Ms. Anglin intends to make Passport2Success her platform for her upcoming competition and it is hoped that through highlighting the achievements of the graduates, she will help to make the initiative stronger.

The Passport2Success programme was created in April 2010 to help high-school graduates meet basic criteria necessary when entering today's increasingly competitive job market.

Although admission is limited in order to keep groups small, the programme runs four times a year, giving students ample opportunity to get involved. Participants are typically Caymanians between the ages of 17 and 20 years old, have recently left school and are unemployed. However, no high school qualifications are required to participate in the course.

Graduates have all completed a twelve week course including classes held at the International College of the Cayman Islands (ICCI), work experience and community service.

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