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Sunrise Adult
Training Centre

Stronger communities and support for the most vulnerable


The Sunrise
Adult Training Centre

Established in November 1986 the Sunrise Adult Training
Centre (SATC) is a department within the Ministry of Investment, Innovation and Social Development, located in West Bay, Grand Cayman. 


We are the only comprehensive government-operated centre in the Cayman Islands that serves adults with additional needs.

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Sunrise's role in our community

Our purpose is to educate, support and serve, promoting therapy and employment opportunities to adults with additional learning needs; to enable their empowerment and maximise their independence, potential and quality of life.

At the Sunrise Adult Training Centre, our clients can explore their full potential, and develop confidence, skills, and pride in their efforts and accomplishments. 

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Therapy Session

Vocational Programme

The primary objective of the Vocational Training Programme is to provide each client with the knowledge and skills needed to acquire vocational competence and provide him or her with
potential for employment and independent living.


We refer clients to therapeutic service providers for additional support when needed. We work closely with these providers to ensure recommended strategies are implemented at the
Centre, home and in the workplace.

Financial Assistance

We support clients with Bank applications and budgeting to enable them to learn how manage their money, save and to live within their means. Assistance is also provided to
clients who may need to submit applications for special grants or stipends.

Interships & employment support

Clients are accompanied during the initial two weeks of employment or internship to ensure
client's full comprehension of assigned tasks and duties.

Intermittent workplace visits are then carried out to monitor compliance, progress and
professional growth, while collaborating with immediate supervisors to formulate objectives
and work targets for each client.


We can support clients with how to find appropriate housing once they have secured employment, if this is suitable.

Clubs and Societies

We work with clients to encourage them to follow their passions and hobbies and to have a fulfilling life. Many of the clients choose to be part of Special Olympics and other local hobby/sports clubs At Sunrise we also run Caymanian's only Duke of Edinburgh unit

Careers service

We believe that in order for clients to be successful at work they must be interested in their work. Therefore we explore careers with clients and provide experiential learning opportunities before seeking permanent work placements.

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We provide training, support & services for the empowerment, employment and independence of adults with disabilities.


Support our internship & employment programme

The Vocational Team have developed a range of partnerships, over the years, with a wide variety of companies in our Caymanian business community.

We are delighted to have so many wonderful managers and supervisors who support each and every one of our working clients.

What are special needs?

Examples of special or additional needs include learning difficulties, neurodevelopmental disorders, speech and communication disorders, mobility disabilities, visual impairments, mental health and medical conditions. We provide opportunities at the Centre for ALL
clients to thrive. We have a 'can do' attitude, where anything is possible!


Employer Testimonials

Cafe Amazon

"Cafe Amazon is pleased to partner with Sunrise Adult Training Centre to provide employment opportunities for people with special needs. We have had nothing but excellent staff join our organization from Sunrise."


Camana Bay Cinema

"Camana Bay Cinema and guests are very appreciative of
the candidates we have employed through the Sunrise
Adult Training Centre. These individuals have become
some of the most enthusiastic and hard-working members
of our team."

We are here to help!

We harbour the brightest hopes for your time at Sunrise, and beyond. If we do our job well, and you hold up your end, the years ahead will be the most important of
your life to date, and ones you will remember for a lifetime.